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Registration information for Pastors, Primary Points of Contact and Key Parish Leaders. Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us: hello@columbuscatholic.org.

Thank you for all that you have already contributed to the Real Presence, Real Future initiative. One of our first opportunities to engage the People of God through the Diocese of Columbus has generated close to 20,000 responses not including any paper surveys. Thank you for your efforts in making this possible!

The next big phase of the initiative begins after Easter. In order to begin looking toward a real future, we need to begin by looking at our real present.

On Monday, May 3, we will be sharing with you the feedback gathered from the Disciple Maker Index as well as other summarized information about your parish and the larger area that surrounds it.

The goal of our next phase is to have you as parish leaders review this information, provide feedback on it, and also provide other insights and thoughts about the unique needs of your community and what is required to create a robust Catholic presence where you live and serve.

In order to help explain this part of the process and support you through it, we have planned a webinar series to take place between April-June. These webinars will provide an opportunity for you to receive important instructions and also have your questions answered. There are 3 different webinars. To accommodate full and diverse schedules, we will offer each webinar three different times.

Webinar Topics

Webinar #1 – Understanding the process and all of the inputs: In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the process, explain how to review each input (e.g. the Disciple Maker Index, your parish workbook) and provide your next steps for discussing together as parish leaders.

Webinar #2 – How to provide your parish’s feedback: In this webinar, we will explain how to complete your parish’s feedback summary on what you reviewed and discussed.

Webinar #3 – Next Steps and Preparing for the Fall: In this webinar, we respond to any lingering questions as well as give a preview for the next phase of consultation coming in the Fall.

A couple of important points:

  • These webinars are designed for Pastors, Primary Points of Contact, and Key Parish Leaders. You are welcome to have others in your parish participate (staff members, council members, etc) but the next phase of consultation will involve these individuals working together.
  • Leaders from the same parish do not have to attend the same webinar. You may register for whatever webinar is best for your schedule.
  • Each webinar will be recorded so if you miss one, you can watch the recording.
  • Each leader should register individually for each webinar. By registering you will receive a reminder for the webinars you choose and you will also receive the follow-up information that includes the slides and recording. Please register for one of each webinar even if you know that you cannot make the date so that you receive the recording and materials.

  • If we do not have a list of your Key Parish Leaders, it will be important to send those to trooney@catholicleaders.org so that we can ensure they receive this information.  Please provide first and last name and email addresses for each Key Parish Leader.

Register for All Three Here:

To register, please click on the link below next to the webinar date you wish to attend. 

NOTE: You should register for one of the dates for each webinar, therefore you should register for 3 webinars total.

Webinar 1

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April 27 – 10am: Register Here

April 28 – 6pm: Register Here

April 30 – 12pm: Register Here

Webinar 2

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May 12 – 6pm: Register Here

May 14 – 12pm: Register Here

May 18 – 10am: Register Here

Webinar 3

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June 2 – 6pm: Register Here

June 4 – 12pm: Register Here

June 8 – 10am: Register Here