Missionary Subcommittee:

To utilize and support lay missionaries to serve in the Diocese to support the larger work of evangelization and discipleship formation in parishes, schools, universities, and the soft entry evangelization center.


Catherine Suprenant, Brad Pierron, Maggie Maurer, Aaron Richards, John Packer Stevenson, and Megan Baum 

Social and Digital Media Evangelization Subcommittee

To establish an attractive, relevant, and consistent plan to communicate the message of Jesus Christ and the Diocese of Columbus through social and digital media to the world. 


Dave Osborn, Paul Baum, Bill Messerly, Brendan O’Rourke, Aaron Christy, Alec Mieras, Fr. Michael Hartge, and Andy Mackey 

Soft Entry Evangelization Center Subcommittee

To develop a location where those unlikely to go to a parish or who are threatened by religion to encounter Jesus Christ and His Church, especially young adults and the unaffiliated.


Adorabelle Namigadde, Joseph Zaino, Mitchell Wilson, David Mesina, Matt Schlater, Kate Giddens, Loren Brown, and Fr. Dave Sizemore

University and Higher Educational Evangelization Subcommittee

To provide pastoral care and a missionary presence at every higher educational (Catholic and non-Catholic) facility in the Diocese of Columbus. 


Dan Kurth, Mary Jeffries, Maria Tarbell, Fr. Bill Hahn, Andrew Kebe, Patrick Welsh, Bruno Ferrari, and David Martin

School’s Staff and Faculty Formation Subcommittee

To support our schools’ staff and faculty to become formators of missionary disciples.


Adam Dufault, Fr. Dan Dury, Daniel Garrick, Dan Dematte, Laura Corcoran, Sister John Paul Maher OP, and Therese Recinella

Parish Missionary Discipleship Subcommittee

To assist every parish be a center for the formation of missionary disciples.


Liz Christy , Jacci Asbury, Fr. Jonathan Wilson, Tina Burtch, Victor Nduguba, Drew Snyder, Fr. Sean Dooley, Cora Munoz, and Sr. Karla Archundia