Key Parish Leader Resources

This page has commonly used resources and information that might be helpful to key parish leaders representing their parish in Real Presence, Real Future.  Should you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact

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RPRF Role Description for Key Parish Leaders – a description of your role in the Real Presence, Real Future initiative

RPRF Key Terms (as of 4.25.21) – a glossary of some helpful terms

RPRF Sample Meeting Agendas for Key Parish Leaders – 3 sample meeting agendas you can use to guide your time together as key parish leaders

Key Parish Leaders Individual Discovery Guide – this is a guide to keeping your notes and insights as you review your DMI results and your parish workbook

April 2021 Webinar Slides – the slides from the first of three webinars

Sample Parish DMI Summaries – these are some samples of how other parishes shared a summary of their DMI results

DMI Monikers – this a quick cheat sheet for looking up questions in the portal

DMI Resources from CLI – this is a general website with a growing list of resources related to the DMI questions:

Parish Feedback Summary (coming soon!) – this is the form key parish leaders will complete on behalf of the parish after they have reviewed and discussed the DMI results, parish workbook, and their lived experience

Parish Result Template (coming soon!) – this is a template designed specifically for parishes in the Diocese of Columbus to share their DMI results with parishioners easily